How to Reward your Loyal Customers after the Festive Break

After the Festive break comes the reality of starting afresh promoting your business

So the great return to work commences on 3rd day of the new year of 2017. What to do first is a common thought for many a small business striving to generate income from a standing start. How about contacting your loyal customers offering a reward to spice up their first few days back at work?

Put your business right in customers hands- It is so Rewarding

Today the most common device that is constantly at hand is of course the Smart Phone, so why not use this device to reward your customers. A simple timed offer that will be checked on receipt by most phone users will encourage many to just click, order and collect your offer!

Now I hear some of you merchant say .. “What about my Reward to start my year”

Well here it is. OrdaMia  ( is keen to work with you to generate more business to bring a smile to all. Offers for 2017 include:-

  1. Sponsored Take Away Cups
  2. A Kilo of Your very own coffee
  3.  Wifi OrdaMia Tablet
  4. Generous discount on a bakery order
  5. Free samples of new healthy snacks


Take a few minutes out of your busy day to plan your reward and offer your loyal customers that little bit more that moves them to order from you.

Best of Beans for 2017

OrdaMia and Friends

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