What is Loyalty Worth? Discounts or Rewards

Do you have an effective loyalty offer for your consumers?

We see too many merchants trying all sorts of  gimmicks to entice consumers with in-store loyalty. We are suggesting that merchants review what is being offered and ask if the offer is effective.

Stamp Cards

Yes, stamp cards work, but there is no way to track how many are being used, redeemed or just left in a wallet/purse, never to be redeemed. is a stamp card really good in the longer term?


Next, we come across so many discount offers. Why do merchants simply broadcast to the neighbourhood snd give away profit to anyone who wants a quick one time deal. Surely we can find a better way to generate loyalty to regular consumers rather than give money away to all and sundry. Short term gains we believe.


We suggest you look at it as a long term opportunity to generate increased sales from regular consumers and of course encourage new visitors in your store to sign up, providing their direct contact details, so more personalised loyalty and rewards can be offered.


You can use several very good applications that are tailor-made for merchants. We suggest www.scrummy.club as a good starting opportunity. This is promoted as an effortless loyalty application. if you combine loyalty with our ordaMia and pay ahead smart APP you start to complete the circle of improving consumer experience and increasing sales traffic to your business. Have a look at other local applications that may suit your location in a more direct connect opportunity with a focussed market.

Remember you must also make sure your socials are connected to make best use of Facebook Groups, Instagram photos and twitter instant messaging.

We are happy to answer any of your interests, so ask away.

Best, your friends @OrdaMia

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