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OrdaMia helps attract new consumers, increase loyalty, increase order values and best of all, helps you generate more business. Consumers simply send orders directly to you – request delivery if available – or confirm a pickup time.Payments are all dealt with by OrdaMia.


  • Extend your business into consumers pockets
  • Encourage loyalty by promoting the app to new consumers.
  • Advertise special offers in real time based on products to sell. Limit the quantity, the duration, the type of consumer and the prior spend.**
  • Allow your consumers to order ahead at anytime to suit them.
  • Allow your consumers to pay ahead so they don’t have to queue.
  • Consumers can select from the items you have to sell.
  • Items can be simple, or have multiple options and/or additions.
  • Regular orders are encouraged by saving them in consumer’s account, based on current location.
  • Control the hours you are able to deliver orders, and the times consumers can collect.
  • View your orders individually, or as a minute by minute average (mass production mode for busy merchants) to ensure orders are ready.**
  • Check consumer’s receipt, and deliver the purchase, safe in the knowledge that payment has been made, no fussing with change.
  • Deliver to known locations using GPS with estimated delivery times.
  • Only accept orders you can fulfil, based on opening hours, production times and delivery times calculated per order and dependent on current availability of delivery employees.
  • OrdaMia available always on Android and iOS for consumers and merchants.
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