Soup – Is it a Starter, a Snack, a Meal? What is your Favourite?

Most of us love a hot soup on a chilly day and we all have our favourite. A simple tomato to a posh Game Consomme. Some like it cold too, a spicy Gazpacho always goes down well.

I do wonder if soup was invented by bakers, so that bread sales increased? Most of us dunk our bread, or it comes with crispy croutons on top! I have even had a thick Goulash soup served in a bread bowl; amazing that it did not leak, yet ever so tasty and could break the crusts off  as the meaty recipe went down! Really an all in one meal!

My Soup recommendation

I had the pleasure of a Sri Lankan Cashew Nut with Green Bean Soup from Nusa Kitchen ( Just what I needed, having walked a distance from my last meeting in the City of London. It comes in a take away container with a well sealed lid, so no chance of leaks and a spoon. I downed it all in short time and polished my lunch off with an excellent Espresso. I do recommend Nusa Kitchen for a quick healthy meal!

Now, soup as a starter in a restaurant or at home is all too often  served up, looking fine but rarely hot enough. It is so simple to heat up liquid, pour it into a warmed bowl and on the table pronto.

My Conclusion

It can be any type of meal at any time of day. In come countries Chicken Noodle is served – Not to everyone’s taste in the early morning! Each country seems to have its own special soup recipes.

I am off now to make a fresh spicy fish recipe with Smoked Haddock and Sweet peppers as the main ingredients.  I will be sure to make it so tasty that I finish it all today.

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